Citizen’s Charter Process Flow

    1. Application for Free Patent (AGRICULTURAL)
    2. Issuance of Survey Authority
    3. Issuance of Certificate of Tree Plantation Ownership (CTPO) for not more than 1,000 Hectares
    4. Issuance of Certificate of Verification (Cutting/Transport Non-Wood Forest Products within Private Land e.g. Bamboo, Vines, Nipa, etc.)
    5. Issuance of Certificate of Verification (Cutting and Transporting of Planted and Non Premium Trees within Private Land)
    6. Application for Chainsaw Registration
    7. Processing of CITES Permit Applications for the Import of Wildlife, including by-products and derivatives
    8. Processing of CITES Permit Applications for the Export/Re-export of Wildlife, including by-products and derivatives
    9. Application for Free Patent (RESIDENTIAL)
    10. Processing of Application for Issuance of Tree Cutting Permits/Special Tree Cutting Permits (Public places, private lands, infrastructure projects, government projects)
    11. Issuance of a Certification of No Records/Appeal/Motion for Reconsideration, etc.
    12. Document Authentication
    13. Sale of Bidding Documents
    14. Preparation of Obligation Request and Status (ORS) for all Disbursement Vouchers, Contracts and other Transactions
    15. Processing of Disbursement Voucher (DV)
    16. Processing of Purchase Order, Job Order and Contract of Service
    17. Preparation, Processing and Issuance of Checks/ADA
    18. National Greening Program Billing (SECSIME)
    19. Issuance of Authenticated Documents of Patented Application (SECSIME)
    20. Certification of Land Status (SECSIME)
    21. Verification of Land Status (SECSIME)
    22. Request for Photocopy of Public Land Status Documents (SECSIME)
    23. Screening of Public Land Survey (PLS) Survey Returns for Approval to Regional Office (SECSIME)